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JD’s first unmanned restaurant open for business in Tianjin
2018/11/13 03:43:44
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Nov 13, 2018 (China Knowledge) - The first unmanned restaurant aka ‘JD X future’ restaurant opened for business in Tianjin on Saturday. The restaurant is an innovative attempt by the tech company to integrate intelligent technology with catering services. Future restaurants will become another industry in the process of intellectualized logistics and unbounded retailing.

With the technological transformation, JD, as a retail infrastructure service provider has stepped into more areas, and the online and offline integration channels of unbounded retail lines have been widened. At the same time, relying on the combined application of future restaurants, unmanned supermarkets and distribution robots, the intellectualized life system of catering, consumption and logistics built by JD in Tianjin has begun to take shape. It provides the latest model to help more cities upgrade intellectually in the future.

The first JD X future restaurant covers an area of nearly 400 square meters. It can accommodate up to 100 people to eat at the same time. From ordering, serving, stir-frying, passing dishes to dining and settlement, intelligent robots and artificial intelligence backstage run through the whole process of restaurant operation.

Based on the mature industrialization model, the intelligent restaurant solutions built by JD X future restaurant will face more cities, bring consumers a better user experience, and further expand the boundless retail application scenario and online and offline integration layout. At the same time, based on the combination application of more unmanned technologies such as restaurants, unmanned supermarkets and intelligent logistics in the future, and the full utilization of big data of consumption, logistics and catering, JD will build more models of intelligent communities and help more cities turn into modern tech-oriented cities.

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