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Beijing E-Town is Deloitte China Top 50’s cradle for innovative hi-tech enterprises
2018/10/16 06:12:22
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Oct 16, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Established in Beijing E-Town, Golden Spring Internet of Things Inc. received 9 foreign invention patents and 12 domestic invention patents that specializes in production of ID cards in China, Indonesia, Iran and Laos. It is also a major maker e-passports for China and Italy. Additionally, Golden Spring Internet of Things (IoT) also builds the core electronic layer production and quality inspection system of these projects. Such is the kind of globally competitive and innovative enterprise that is commonly found in the triple-A rated industrial park.

Accompany major manufacturing facilities the newly-established Golden Spring R&D Center it is building China's first IoT technology research and development base. It is said that the total construction area of Golden Spring R&D Building Project occupied 25,800 square meters. Upon completion it will be used for R&D and production work of smart products such as ID cards, e-passports and electronic labels.

Another new development in Beijing E-Town is a vaccine industrialization base, the Zhifei Lvzhu Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., It is a new production built in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) certification standards. The vaccine industrialization base includes a polysaccharide-protein conjugate production line and other large scale production lines with annual production capacity of vaccine of over 38 million doses.

It is not difficult to see that in the process of promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and supply-side structural reforms, Beijing E-Town always adheres to its goal of creating not only quantity but also quality. This allows Beijing E-Town’s Top 20 Enterprises to automatically become candidates for the Deloitte China Top 50 and Asia Pacific Top 500 projects.

Many industry experts have praised Beijing E-Town's innovative and entrepreneurial environment with focus on high-end technologies are admirable for its depth and breadth when compare to other large national level industrial parks. By leveraging on some 20 globally influential technical innovation centers including integrated circuit, display technology, biomedical, digital media and intelligent manufacturing; it is solidly positioned to churn out outstanding global enterprises. 


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