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Pinduoduo’s package circulation traffic up, covers 20% of all parcel flow
2018/11/08 05:54:15
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Nov 08, 2018 (China Knowledge) - According to new statistics, the number of postal and delivery packages in China exceeded 40 billion in 2017, with an average traffic of about 100 million parcels per day.

Data from China's courier service companies shows that since the first quarter of 2018, the average daily package number of Pinduoduo has been stable at more than 20 million orders, which means that at least two of the ten daily e-commerce packages in circulation are sent from Pinduoduo's platform.

In addition, this month, all of cities in China showed more robust consumption than in previous years. The sales volume of the new high-priced iPhone exceeded 120,000 units, while the daily package number of agricultural products has been more than 2.5 million. When hot-sale was launched and the platform was heavily subsidized, the daily package number of agricultural products exceeded 4 million.

Moreover, Pinduoduo's stocks closed at USD 20.72, up 5.50% yesterday, still fell 22% from its IPO price.

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