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JD to set up urban intelligent logistics research institute
2018/11/08 04:20:25
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Nov 08, 2018 (China Knowledge) - JD Logistics has announced the establishment of urban intelligent logistics research institute in Xiongan, at the 2018 Global Intelligent Logistics Summit; hosted by JD. An important task of the institute is to pilot a new logistics plan consisting of unmanned vehicles and unmanned pipelines in Xiongan, which will turn the Xiongan New Area into a model city of global intelligent logistics.

According to the Research Institute's conception, the future urban spatial logistics will be divided into three levels i.e. spatial, infrastructural and data level.

At the spatial level, three-dimensional logistics are planned to be established, such as underground rail logistics, highway logistics, and even underground corridor logistics combined with municipal comprehensive corridor, so as to transfer urban space to life on a large scale.

At the infrastructure level, it can realize intellectualization; which includes unmanned trucks, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned warehouses, intelligent park and other infrastructure links.

At the data level, it will realize the interconnection, integrates the logistics data platform into the big data of the city, and promotes the intelligent level of the whole city.

If the plan takes shape, there will be a capsule-like intelligent unmanned vehicle shuttling underground in Xiongan New Area. After all levels of transportation pipelines, the package will directly enter the warehouse, industrial park, supermarket, office building, residential building and other terminals. The residents can receive their package boxes at home, take things out, and then put the box into the corridor to achieve automatic recovery.

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