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AI will make the world better place: Baidu's Robin Li
2018/11/05 10:29:14
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Nov 05, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Baidu World Congress 2018 under the theme of " Yes, AI Do" was held in Beijing, on Thursday. The company's chairman, Robin Li didn't show up in this event until the afternoon. It turns out that earlier that morning China's President Xi chaired a symposium about private enterprise, and delivered speech in Beijing. As a representative of private entrepreneurs, Li also attended that symposium.

At the congress, Robin Li unveiled China's first L4 self-driving passenger car jointly developed by Baidu and FAW Hongqi (red flag). The car will be mass produced by the end of 2020. In addition, Baidu also unveiled the world's first AI park it has built with Haidian District in Beijing.

Moreover, Baidu's self-developed unmanned excavator was unveiled in the video. Li said that unmanned excavator can not only greatly reduce human cost and improve engineering technologies, but also free human resources and activate industries.

Li ended his speech with a question: will AI make the world better? And Baidu's answer was “yes, AI does”.

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