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Humans should regard AI as a friend: Kaifu Lee
2018/11/02 06:41:00
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Nov 02, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Former global vice president of Google and Microsoft and the founder and chief of Sinovation Ventures, Kai-Fu Lee gave a closing talk in Hong Kong Fintech week, yesterday.

This talk was moderated by Jing Ulrich, the managing director & vice chairman of Asia Pacific at JP Morgan Chase. Jing asked Lee that Stephen Hawking believed that AI could lead to the extinction of humanity, but Bill Gates thinks AI is a good friend of humanity, which point did he support. Lee said that he agrees with the point of view of Bill Gates, as he also believes that we cannot use AI as a tool. We, said Lee, should treat them, AI, as our friend and share the future with it.

When asked that whether AI will cost people their jobs, he replied that for workers, the pressure from robots and AI is huge, but the prospect is not entirely bleak. Many jobs currently performed by human employees will be replaced by AI, a trend that has begun to emerge in some industries, but some jobs can never be replaced by AI in the foreseeable future. Psychologists, sociologists, Medical care personnel, writers, teachers, educators and scientists can never be replaced by AI.

In addition, Lee said that with the rapid development of AI, regulatory issues cannot be ignored. He hoped that humans will be able to get along well with AI.



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