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Hong Kong Fintech Week: AI revolution will change the future of finance
2018/10/29 07:19:05
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Oct 29, 2018 (China Knowledge) - “As the development of artificial intelligence (AI), we may still feel puzzled about what the AI revolution means for the future of finance.?” In the Fintech week's first day the keynote speakers were discussing this question.

Chris Skinner, the chairman of the Financial Services Club, said that he thinks the intelligence of machine will supersede that or humans one day.

The chief executive at Cognitive Finance Group, Clara Durodie delivered a speech about AI from four aspect: What is AI; Use cases; Trust and Ethics; Resources.

Clara pointed out at first that we [humans] are not intelligent enough, we need to learn more. In addition, she mentioned that AI should be used for the financial services. Clara also talked about China's fintech company Ant Financial as an example of fusion of AI and finance. Ant finance is serving over 850 million active users annually and more than 15 million business in China.

Clara, while concluding her presentation expressed that she thinks the AI technology can help us build the, trust between consumers and companies. If finance is combined with AI, so many financial problems with we face in today's world can be solved.

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