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Baidu releases real-time machine translation system
2018/10/24 07:12:16
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Oct 24, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Chinese tech giant, Baidu <BIDU:NASDAQ> has launches real-time machine translation, an AI system that is capable of translating two languages simultaneously. The real-time translation system is being dubbed as the Simultaneous Translation and Anticipation and Controllable Latency (STACL).

STACL is different from other AI translation systems that are currently available in the market in the way that it is capable of translating just a few seconds after a speech is made unlike consecutive interpretation systems, where translation is only made when the speaker pauses.

In order to translate English and Chinese conversation or speech simultaneously, Baidu’s system predicts the next word expected, reducing the time and possible awkward delay. By using the anticipation technique, the AI system is able to keep up with its translation with the speaker.

The STACL is 3.4 bilingual evaluation understudy (BLEU) points less than a conventional full-sentence translation by a human translator. The company is aware of the limitations of such technology when compared to a human translation.

The intention of development of the AI system was not that of replacing human interprets, but to make this professional service more accessible to many. The STACL has helped advance the firm’s earlier products that required or engaged the use of speech recognition such as Baidu’s Deep Speech platform, TalkType.

Shares of Baidu Inc. has fallen by 1.41%, closing at USD 193.42 yesterday.

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