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Cifi group’s sales exceed 100 bln in 9 months
2018/10/12 07:09:36
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Oct 12, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Cifi holdings group, one of China’s leading property developer, has issued its September unaudited statistical report, on Tuesday.

The group’s January-to-September accumulated sales under contract hit RMB 107.06 billion, an increase of 55.34% compared to that of the same period last year, making up for 76.47% of the whole year’s total target as RMB 14 billion.

The report showed that in September alone, Cifi’s sales were up to RMB 15.37 billion up 91.89% from last year’s RMB 8.01 billion. Sales area covered 937.600 square meters, a sharp increase of 91.74% over the same period when the number was 489.000 square meters. Additionally, the average price set by contract amounted to RMB 16.400 per square meter, which basically kept same as that of September last year.

Compared to previous years, the fourth quarter is the peak period of sales for the company.

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