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Plunged nearly 6%, A-shares hit a four-year low
2018/10/11 07:50:52
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Oct 11, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Last night U.S. stocks were bloodied, A-shares followed today.

At the market opening today, Shanghai Composite Index opened at 2,643.07, down 3.04%. Shenzhen Component Index opened at 7,753.03, down 3.22%.

The Shanghai stock exchange broke through the 2,600 points barrier in the afternoon, with 1,300 individual stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen markets falling by the daily limit, and foreign capital continued to flow out. Over 2,000 stocks fell more than 9%, Internet Lottery and Communication Equipment sectors were among the biggest losers, with Tibet and gold stocks among the smallest losers.

As for the closing, Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2,583.46, down 5.22%. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 7,524.09, down 6.07%.


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