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Huawei cooperates with PATEO to layout vehicle networking
2018/10/11 02:55:30
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Oct 11, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Huawei and Shanghai PATEO have signed the cooperation agreement yesterday based on Huawei Ocean Connect platform. It is the first time Huawei has openly signed a cooperation agreement with vehicle network enterprise.

It is reported that the two sides will combine their respective channels, technology, products and ecological advantages to provide more advanced vehicle networking software and cloud platform to global and Chinese market. The cooperation also aims to and improve user experience and product services to help the automotive industry in strategic transformation and business remodeling.

Huawei's strategy for vehicle networking has been clear. In 2013, Huawei launched the on-board module ME909T and continued to invest in research and development related to vehicle networking. Since then, Huawei has begun to carry out a series of strategic cooperation with global automobile companies, including foreign luxury brands and many domestic automobile companies.

Relevant surveys predict that the scale of China's vehicle networking market is expected to reach USD 216.2 bln by 2025, accounting for a quarter of the global market, with an average compound growth rate of 44.92% in five years. In the future, the ecosystem of vehicle networking will be a wide-ranging ecosystem across many fields, such as vehicle enterprises, communications, infrastructure, travel applications. 

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