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Beijing E-Town becomes the cradle of China’s private aerospace industry
2018/10/09 03:28:00
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Oct 09, 2018 (China Knowledge) - In 2014, the State Council Document No. 60 proposed to involve private capital in the construction of civil aerospace industry. The framework includes the development of infrastructure, improve civilian remote satellite data, strengthen government procurement services, the launch and operation of commercial remote sensing satellites, and provide marketization that could guide private capitals.

In March 2015, civilian-military collaboration rose to be a national strategy. General Office, CCCPC, State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, and Central Military Commission successively issued documents on military-civilian cooperation with the establishment of the Central Military-civilian Integration Development Committee. Most of China’s private commercial aerospace enterprises, set up in Beijing E-Town, were established since 2015.

According to Chen Zhiguo, general manager of Zhongze Think Tank, the reasons behind the settlement of these private aerospace companies in Beijing E-Town are; first, they have benefited from the policies on military-civilian integration introduced by the State; second, and the synergistic effects of related aerospace supply chain supported by development of private aerospace enterprises. These emerging industries on specialized aerospace are boosting the construction of a highly sophisticated economic structure in Beijing E-Town.
Growing number of private aerospace companies have successively set up in Beijing E-Town, which fit perfectly in the entire supply chain, and enhance its innovation capability. This also helps Beijing E-Town to offer and extend cooperation in areas of scientific and technological development both home and abroad. In addition, Beijing E-Town also provides support base such as cutting-edge innovation centers and advance research facilities.

Wang Yanwei, director of Beijing E-Town Investment Promotion Bureau, says that its country’s triple-A industrial park will also introduce preferential policies to further enhance the development of aerospace industry.

Chen Zhiguo further highlighted that Beijing E-Town will also intensify efforts to foster emerging and high-end industries, and to nurture more hi-tech companies in new emerging industries.

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