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China’s privately-owned aerospace firms ZeroG and I-Space Lab launched multiple satellites
2018/09/29 03:19:29
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Sep 29, 2018 (China Knowledge) - I-Space, a privately-owned aerospace enterprise based at Beijing E-Town, has successfully launched a solid-fuel verification rocket code-named SQX-1Z at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the western region of China. The SQX-1Z took off three effective loads, including one from Beijing ZeroG Lab Space Technology Co., Ltd.

After the rocket entered the sub-orbit, three satellites were released one after the other, completing the landing trajectory after flight verification in the sub-orbit.

The launch of SQX-1Z is the second mission of I-space after completing the first flight as China's private commercial spaceflight in Hainan Province on April 5. The launch marks three “firsts” in the history of China's private commercial spaceflight: the first truly commercial satellite launch mission completed by China's private commercial aerospace enterprises, which signifies the official unveiling of China's private commercial satellite launch market; the first launch of China’s national commercial aerospace enterprise at a military launch site; the first mission of "one rocket launching multiple satellites" completed by China's private commercial aerospace enterprise.

This is not the first time for a private enterprise based in Beijing E-Town to launch a rocket. In less than half a year, many rockets blasted off were manufactured here. As a means for transportation, rocket and related technologies are the core that link upstream and downstream of the aerospace industry’s supply chain.

A strong command over rocket transportation technology is equivalent to mastering the “entry” in the industry. At present, Beijing E-Town has gathered China's most well-known enterprises, including I-Space, One Space and Land Space, the total number of rocket companies alone has reached seven. Satellites manufacturers such as ZeroG Lab and QTTWZ.COM are in the upstream of the aerospace industry chain, which have achieved satellite orbit operations and provided commercial services.

Several private aerospace companies have successively set up in Beijing E-Town, which fit perfectly for the entire supply chain, and enhance its innovation capability. This also helps it to offer and extend cooperation in areas of scientific and technological development both home and abroad. In addition Beijing E-Town also provides supports such as cutting-edge innovation centers and advance research facilities.

Combined with extensive aerospace industry knowledge and advance technology it offers to connect referral partners with aerospace companies to form a complete supply chain in the upstream specializes in research and development, mainstream manufacturing, and the downstream for aerospace applications and marketing services.

Authorities in Beijing E-Town said that China could gain achievements in aerospace science and technology, taking the lead in attracting related companies into Beijing E-Town, and ensure that excellent scientific and technological breakthroughs can be achieved and fostered. This makes it necessary to build a research and development platform and a production base for rockets and satellites. The upstream can also cooperate with integrated circuit (IC) enterprises to develop components used in spacecraft.

The downstream rocket technology can leverage on Beijing E-Town’s developed network of related supply chains to fast forward end products to marketplace, and all users at large.


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