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China’s fitness wearables maker launches new heart health trackers
2018/07/05 02:17:46
MagicMed, medical, health

Jul 05, 2018 (China Knowledge) - MagicMed Co., Ltd. a medical wearables manufacturer based in Beijing E-Town, has recently debuted a single-lead ECG monitoring wearable device, MagitorCell. The new heart health tracker is designed to monitor cardiac arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation and atrial premature beats. Given its portability, the heart fitness gadget can provide users with constant monitoring. ECG data collected by the gadget will be uploaded to a cloud platform powered by Microsoft’s Azure which specializes in AI data analysis. Eventually, a preliminary health report will be delivered.

According to Ma Long, founder of MagicMed, the health report delivered by the AI analytic cannot be taken as a final diagnose. MagicMed has partnered with third party medical institutions to provide one-stop medical services for users. Every user will be connected to a cardiologist who is responsible for offering tailored professional suggestions to maintain heart hearth and prevent diseases.

MagitorCell is expected to see wide application ranging from community medical care, health management platform to nursing home. Users’ heart diagnose data spanning over the whole treatment process can be stored in the cloud platform ready to be checked at any time.

Tapped into the big data collected via the cloud platform, MagicMed Co. could illustrate the spatial distribution of heart diseases across China. Further analysis could apply to discover the relationship between heart diseases and living habits.

More specifically, MagicMed aims to build the largest ECG data base in China, which will provide precise data reference for academic researches, new drug development and related policy formulation.

Currently, the MagitorCell has received approval from the China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and is ready for mass production. The company has also submitted to CFDA an application for its new 12-lead ECG monitoring device MagitorCare.

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