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Beijing E-Town heading towards national incubator for IC equipment industry
2018/06/29 03:25:16
IC, NAURA, Beijing E-Town

Jun 29, 2018 (China Knowledge) - China's leading integrated circuit (IC) equipment manufacturer, NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd. (NAURA) recorded over 100 chambers installed in standard IC production lines in early March. Good news comes in pairs when it celebrated again last month on the delivery of the 100th AIN PVD equipment. NAURA's success is just symbolized the breakthrough development in China's IC equipment industry.

Given IC is widely known as the heart of electronic information technology industry, IC equipment industry has been regarded as the Himalayas of manufacturing industry. Chinese firms had never conquered the "Himalayas" until 2001.

Currently, local manufacturers of IC equipment have accounted fairly of the market share. For instance, China's major wafer original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation's (SMIC) located in Beijing E-Town produces an annual capacity of 26 million 12-inch standard wafers. In its 55 nm production line, more than half the equipment in this plant are China-made.

The current accomplishment is mainly attributed to the strategic cooperation across the whole industrial chains. Upstream and downstream IC equipment firms in Beijing E-Town, including SMIC, NAURA, Chipone and CETGC, have joined hands with each other to spur the development of China's IC equipment industry.

According to Wang Yanwei, an official from Beijing E-Town, estimates the total figure of upstream and downstream IC equipment firms have reached over a hundred, constituting a full industrial chain covering designing, manufacturing and testing. Major firms there reported a total output of RMB 21.56 billion in 2017, with an average annual increase of 17.8% since 2013. Many significant breakthroughs in terms of core equipment manufacturing, advanced techniques and commercialization have also been achieved, partly boosted by support schemes, which lays solid foundation for Beijing E-Town to take a leading position in China's IC equipment industry.

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