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Shi Jianxun
Personal Profile

    Professor Dr. Shi Jianxun is the Director of the Institute of Finance and Economics at Shanghai Tongji University. He holds many feathers in his cap as he is Vice president and chief expert of national institute of innovation and development as well as doctoral advisor at School of Marxism at Shanghai Tongji University. He is the Chief expert of national social science fund decision-making consultation project, Deputy director of Shanghai research center on Xi Jinping new-era socialist thought with Chinese characteristic, Vice president of Shanghai Finance Society, Standing director and researcher of Shanghai research society on socialist theory with Chinese characteristics, Chief expert of think tank connotation construction project of institutions of higher learning in Shanghai. He also is the Adjunct professor of School of Management, Southeast University, and Special advisor of “New Think Tank” in Chengdu. Prof. Shi is a regular columnist of ‘Financial Review of Ta Kung Pao’ and special commentator for ‘People's Daily’ overseas edition.

    Dr. Shi is PhD in Economics and has contributed more than 40 research reports including several decision-making and consultation reports. Among his writings 12 are recognized as high value reports. Several of his works were put into practice due to important input he provided to decision-makers. For his services he has been awarded with formal written commendation by National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office and Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department. He is honored as “A researcher of philosophy and social science.” He focuses on practical problems, in-depth investigations and research, in an effort to produce quality academic research achievements. He is known for his strong sense of responsibility and commitment to enable National Social Science Fund provide better services to the party and the country.

    His research interest and area of academic instruction include: macroeconomics and international finance, political economy, mergers & acquisitions and asset restructuring, capital markets & investment and financing strategies, regional economic development and industrial restructuring, public economics, innovation and entrepreneurship management.