China Knowledge is in the business of providing business solutions and products on China. Within the Group it has financial terminal, publishing, newswires, research, multimedia production and a wide range of consulting services offer to foreign businesses seeking opportunities in China.

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  • About Us

    China Knowledge is in the business of providing business solutions and products on China. Within the Group, we have publishing, newswires, research, online and a wide range of consulting services offer to foreign businesses seeking opportunities in China. Our products and services also serves domestic clients which include governments, ministries, state-owned and private enterprises seeking to market to the global markets.

    Our business model is unique and powerful as it seeks to fulfill the most basic informational needs to complex execution services.


    One of the important differentiating strengths of our publishing business is our nimbleness in adapting to changing market trends in order to meet the needs of our clients. Having been the pioneer and first to offer contents in numerous industries and sectors ahead of our competitors, we have gained valuable reputation with our clients worldwide.

    Professional Publishing

    China Knowledge Press is a leading provider of high-quality and in-depth contents to professional, investors, bankers and academia worldwide. We constantly research the markets to understand the needs of our clients. As a pioneer in publishing some of trendsetter guidebooks have earned us the reputation of being the first in numerous industries and sectors.

    Since its inception into China Knowledge group, the products have reached out to more than 52 countries across 5 continents.

    Financial Publishing

    China financial weeklies are now becoming the regular source of up-to-date financial research intelligence to make crucial investment decisions in growing financial markets in China. Most notably, the stock markets of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The growing important of Chinese companies in Hong Kong Stock Exchange also provides this division to expand the research titles. We are also looking to expand the coverage on China-based companies that are listed in other stock exchanges include Taiwan, Singapore, York, Nasdaq and London.

    Market Research

    Our research reports pioneer in publishing some of the world’s first industry intelligence. We seek to deliver in-depth and objective information, and offer services to global businesses seeking opportunities in China, and pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity in our research and consulting service.

    Today, our research capability covers more than 40 industries across China. Our teams of research analysts based in numerous Chinese cities are highly qualified and excel in providing highest quality business intelligence that is business practical. The analysts are often engaged in collaborative consulting relationships with our clients to make executable strategies in meeting business and financial objectives.

    Many renowned investment banks, government bodies, private equity investors have used our research in their huge investments. The contents are also available in Thomson Corporation, Bloomberg, Reuters and many other online resellers.


    China Knowledge Newswires is a premium brand on quality, in-depth and timely news covering China. Our newswires is featured on a variety of platforms and reaches an extensive audience on print, radio, TV and internet. The global content providers and news aggregators have been relying our news either to enhance their content and extend their sources. Alibaba, the world’s largest B2B portal, has been relying solely on our news on China.

    Over the years, the world’s largest media groups, news provider and research vendors uses our newswires to add to their product lines. For example, China Knowledge’s newswires is resold in Dow Jones & Company’s Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Thomson Corporation’s Dialog, ThomsonOne, Euromoney’s ISI and many other similar businesses are negotiating for our newswires.

    The in-depth comments & analyses are sought after by major newspapers worldwide. Each day, these stories are published to reach to audience who demand quality stories.

    Many English televisions also rely on our newswires in preparing their daily news stories. Our analysts and writers have frequently appeared in these programs.

    Online Portal

    China Knowledge Online is the only internet service concept that strings products and solutions that assist foreign businesses seeking and doing business in China. Subscribers can access the complete usage of newswires, databank, financial information, marketing services and many other business databases.

    With subscribers globally, the online portal is becoming a recognized resource on ‘Everything Business on China’.

    The online platform allows China Knowledge to carry out marketing of its guidebooks, research reports and its wide range of services.


    China Knowledge Consulting has been the most dynamic and complete in terms of consulting services to foreign companies seeking business opportunities in China. On the outward, we offer the most complete services to local Chinese government departments and companies in pitching their services to overseas businesses.

    We have become a trusted name in executing complex tasks required by our clients in many parts of leveraging on our extensive operations. We have unparallel depth of both functional and industry expertise as well as breath of geographical reaches in China. Over the years, our consulting has evolved into one that adds tremendous values in areas of financial advisory services capable of executing mid to large size transactions.

    At heart, we are a big family who are passionate about taking immense challenges that create values and trusted relationship with our clients.

    Corporate Advisory

    Our goal is to help our clients to move into in shortest time and the most effective and optimum mode. The division’s strength has always been: “Local Knowledge + Local Contacts” strengthened with industries expertise.

    Very often, the quality service has extended the opportunities with our clients in most of the assignments we undertake.

    Financial Advisory

    One of our key competitive edges is the financial expertise which has been the core of our consultants. Most are qualified with relevant knowledge and experience.

    The financial advisory team has been actively servicing major foreign private equity investors, venture capitalists and asset management companies.

    Media Planning

    The Media Planning division exists to help companies and governments to run multi-tiered, multi-national, integrated media programs that are focused, cost-efficient and most importantly – deliver results.

    Our expertise and industry knowledge in media industries and our global network of media partners and owners make us incredibly suited to execute strategic and effective media plans. We have helped local governments in different provincial cities in to achieve the maximum and effective results with professional advisory services.

  • The China Knowledge Business Principles

    1.Clients come first. We stride to provide our clients with the most professional service.

    2.Our reputation and brand is our most valuable asset. We are dedicated in to complying fully with the spirit of the laws, rules and ethical principles that govern us. Our continued success depends upon unswerving adherence to this standard.

    3.We only provide professional quality of work. We are determined to service our clients and achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

    4.We treat our people as partners. We offer our people the opportunity to move ahead rapidly that is not possible at most other places.

    5.We stress teamwork in everything we do. While individual creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team effort often produces the best results. We have no room for those who put their personal interest ahead of the interests of the firm and its clients.

    6.The dedication of our people to the firm and the intense effort they give their jobs are greater than the one finds in most other organization. We believe this is an important factor in our success.

    7.Sharing of knowledge and experience is exercised throughout our firm across different regional locations.

    8.Integrity and honesty are at the heart our business. We strive to maintain highest ethical standards in everything we do, both in their work and in their personal lives.