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Beijing E-Town becoming the magnet of elite returnees

Nov. 26, 2012 (China Knowledge) - China, the world's largest number of overseas students, saw its returnees hit a record high of 186,200 in 2011, according to Chinese Returnee Entrepreneurship Report, China's first Blue Book on its international talents.

According to the statistics, China attracted over 20,000 returnees in 2003, 45,000 in 2006 and about 100,000 in 2009. The rapid development of China is in urgent need of returnee talents. According to the Blue Book, China's central and local government has launched nearly 3,000 projects and recruitment programs. The country is becoming the world's major talent inflow destination.

One such remarkable initiator is Beijing E-Town located in the southeast of the capital, a triple-A rated industrial park, which has attracted more than 5,000 enterprises from over 30 countries and regions, has attracted over 2,600 returned talents. So far, 185 returnees in the park have been identified as "Development area's overseas high-level talents", of which, 31 talents were listed in the "The 1,000 Elite Individuals Plan", 56 selected from the Beijing's overseas talent cluster project and 29 in this category enjoy preferential treatments from the State Council. These 185 elite talents are now working in 85 high-tech enterprises in Beijing E-Town, including Nokia, BOE, SMIC, SMC, and Pharmaron.

Beijing E-Town has issued several policies to introduce high-level talents, including setting up of Beijing Overseas Scholar Center, Postdoctoral Recruitment Center and Returnees’ Business Incubator. Other initiatives like Boda Contribution Award and funding to support overseas high-level talents to work and in the industrial park. Besides these, there are also services tailor to the returnee's families and children as well where comfortable accommodation and education are provided.

The potential and development is enormous in Beijing E-Town with ‘One area and Six Industrial Sectors’ that includes China New Media Industrial Park, Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, New Energy and Automobiles Industrial Park, Manufacturing Services Industrial Park, Military and Civilian Industrial Park, and New Airport City. The construction of the capital's third airport and the new airport city it will need at least half million high-level talents, especially those with professional background, familiar with the international rules and equip with excellent communication skills.

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