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Shanghai's export down 9.9% in July

Aug. 15, 2012 (China Knowledge) - Shanghai’s export value decreased 9.9% YoY or 0.4% MoM to US$18.28 billion in July, according to the latest statistics released by the Shanghai Statistics Bureau.

Last month, the city's imports rose 4.2% YoY and 4% MoM to US$20.15 billion, taking its foreign trade to a total of US$38.42 billion in the month, 3% less than in the same period of last year.
The value of exports and imports for general trade was US$7.08 billion and US$9.39 billion last month, down 6.4% and up 2.3% YoY, respectively, and the value of exports and imports under processing trade was US$9.19 billion and US$3.29 billion, down 14.2% and 9.3% YoY, respectively.
The export value of mechanical and electronic products decreased 9.2% YoY to US$12.9 billion in July, while the import value of such products was US$11.63 billion, up 4.6% from a year earlier.
In July, the city's exports of high-tech products decreased 8.1% YoY to US$8.23 billion, and its imports of such products rose 11.7% YoY to US$7.44 billion, respectively.
Last month, Shanghai's exports to its top three trade partners, the E.U., the U.S. and Japan, were US$3.65 billion, US$4.53 billion and US$2.11 billion, down 21.6%, 2.9% and up 0.5% YoY, respectively.

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