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Recruitment and Headhunting

How many foreign companies have placed their best people in the Chinese markets? To succeed and win market share in this vast and complex market is it worth the investment, resources and time? Do the managers or corporate honchos that placed their lieutenants in China have what Jack Welch’s emphasis on HR issues? Jack firmly believes in working closely with his HR heads to build a formidable company.

To China Knowledge we know the success of a foreign enterprise in this country requires the most professionally-qualified employee yet understands his/her employer’s business culture and principles. We have established our Recruitment and Headhunting Service catering to the needs of foreign companies and investors for over a decade. As in all businesses your success in China depends on recruiting and managing the best people. This is most challenging issue that most foreign enterprises face.

With in-depth knowledge of the markets across China we are your best recruiter and manager to gather the best and most suitable employees for your organization doing and winning business in this vast country.

Here, you cannot rely on a ‘pure’, singular and narrow HR firm because the context in today’s recruitment and headhunting is more sophisticated. We have the industries knowledge, experience, business networks and geographical advantage to drill into deepest human resources for the most suitable candidates. We seek long-term business relationships with our clients not a one-off deal.

Here are some case studies we have offered our recruitment and headhunting services. Referral can be provided by writing to our general enquiry for Recruitment and Headhunting Services at

The case studies here serve as a general reference only, and we strongly suggest a direct with our specialists.


Case #1

A London-based private equity wanting sweeping change of its acquired retail chain’s management for an IPO

In 2007, our client who engaged our advisor on an acquisition in Sichuan was seeking key manager to revamp its financial, marketing and business operation. The goal was to list the acquired retail chain in foreign stock exchange.

China Knowledge assisted to put in the key finance personnel from HK with relevant experience from a listed company to overlook its entire accounting and finance functions. Besides this, a marketing manager from Singapore was recruited to streamline and restructure the business to meet MNC’s standards.

The entire portfolios of retail outlets needed to engage ERP and most current logistic system was also introduced from overseas to get it implemented. Several other analysts from our company’s in-house research team were seconded to provide and support analytical reporting to the acquirer in London for one year.


Case #2

A U.S-based fund house needed qualified managers to handle its new businesses

In 2010, at the early stage of market liberalization of fund management industry many foreign fund managers with granted licenses have to look inward to manage its business in China. Though HK has many similarities and common language and closer cultural identity the Chinese financial markets are best managed by the locals.

After obtaining an approval through our advisors we recruited via Chinese financial print and online media. At the start, within 4 months, over 16 research analysts were recruited via China Knowledge’s networks as we have one of the best and largest pools of researchers and analysts covering China’s 56 industries for many years.

Some selected analysts were promoted to take the role of fund managers. At that time, we had the most CFA-qualified analyst to research members by ratio in the country.


Case #3

A foreign company faced with charges of delayed social securities.

Due to negligence to file and submit social securities on time to the authorities a Singapore company was slapped with hefty fines. Under normal circumstance this foreign company will have to pay hefty fines and penalties. We brought the case to the relevant authorities explaining to them the negligence was due to carelessness of ex-accountant and administrator’s mistake the fines were reduced 90% of the original sum. Business license could be revoked for failure to follow up closely.

In most cases foreign firms will find it difficult to settle at lesser amount or resolve the issue because of the lack of understanding on local communication and access to relevant authorities.


Case #4

A Singapore-based media production company wanted term contracts for entire television production crews.

This company had earlier engaged our services in seeking approval to film and interview with city and provincial level officials. Some visits are restricted areas to foreign TVs. Recruiting of production crews and equipment was coordinated via our recruitment managers 6 cities in the Northern region of China.

The recruited staffs were signed in accordance with local laws as freelancers. This saved massive amount and allow flexibility in getting manpower for a period of 8 years. The company finally set up an entity for permanent staffing.


Case #5

A major Chinese oil trading company seeking senior positions for its regional HQ overseas

We were hired to kickstart a major oil trading company, based in Shenzhen, to set up a regional HQ in Asia. We recommended hiring professional who had worked in China or those who came back from China but settled back home in Asia. The strategy we adopted of attracting these managers was through the research of various database and recruitment ads put up in local business papers.

Numerous interviews and stringent selection processes were executed before the final round of face-to-face meeting with the key decision-makers. The whole recruitment including negotiation of contracts was executed within 6 months.


Case #6

Massive recruitment needed to build a 600 IT staffs data centre

In 2007, our media production firm produced a 6-episodes TV documentary titled: “Inside China Next Powerhouse”. The theme of this English program is to depict the abundant supply of engineers and scientists in north-eastern region of China. We also featured General Electric’s manufacturing facilities in the region and how GE had benefited from such investment in human resource.

In 2013, we had the opportunity to work on massive recruitment of IT related professional to build a HQ for gathering and researching data for a global data provider. The selection of site was recommended by our specialists in the industrial real estate and entire HR was led by our experience recruitment managers. Besides suitable and effective online recruitment exercises, we also visited and worked with prestigious universities in the country to build a formidable team capable of handling high level technology. Proficient in spoken and written was a major criterion in this recruitment exercise. English tutors and lecturers, on contractual basis, were also sent in from U.S and Canada to conduct intensive language training. Whether you are seeking a Chinese pilot who knows the domestic air routes and weather or needing a top salesman who is interested and fit your kind of products/services, speak to us and learn how we can assist you in getting the ideal candidates to manage your business and operation in China.

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