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Shanghai Futurity Island High-tech Industrial Park gets B rating

Oct. 22, 2010 (China Knowledge) - Shanghai Futurity Island High-tech Industrial Park or Shanghai Futurity Island HIP was rated B by China Knowledge Financial. Rating of B is viewed as poorly established and much effort is necessary for the creation of an attractive investment environment in its facilities, infrastructure and services.  It is located in Putuo District in the northwestern part of Shanghai. Shanghai Futurity Island HIP was approved by the Shanghai municipal government to be a municipal-level development zone in November 2001, and covers an area of 9.7 square kilometers.

Located within 30 minutes of the People's Square, the city center in Shanghai, Putuo District has a convenient transportation system. The Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, State Highway 204, State Highway 312 and the Shanghai-Nanjing Highway all link the district with other major cities in the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai West Railway Station is situated in the district, making the district easily accessible by train. Putuo District is only 8 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and a mere 15 minutes from Shanghai Port, which was China's largest port by container traffic in 2008.

The HIP encourages investment in electronics and machinery. It has set up the Shanghai RFID Display Center to support the development of enterprises specializing in supply chain management software and RFID middleware R&D.

Major foreign investors in the park include Schneider from France, Konecranes from Finland, Daktronic from the U.S., Sagawa Express from Japan and Po-li Food from Taiwan. The park has also attracted investment from domestic enterprises Including Yanhua Smartek and China Forward. Yanhua Smartek, headquartered in Shanghai Futurity Island HIP, is the largest intelligent building service provider in China.

In addition, the area around the park is rich in human resources. Many educational institutions, including East China Normal University, West College District of Tongji University and Shanghai University of Science Technology, are located around the zone.

The park enjoys good infrastructure with advanced transportation network and can draw from a large talent pool but its industrial base is weaker than the state-level development zones in Shanghai.

The rating report was published to establish its credibility and importance to foreign manufacturers and businesses.

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