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Beijing E-Town built RMB 100 bln auto industry in 5 years

Jul 31, 2017 (China Knowledge) – Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park, saw its auto industry realize over RMB 100 billion in industrial output over a period of only 5 years and has become the main driving force in the area's economic growth.


According to statistics, the industrial output value of Beijing E-Town's auto industry accounted for about 17% of the area's total, and it achieved specular growth of over 40% in 2016. As the representative enterprise of its auto industry, Beijing Benz, a joint-venture between German Mercedes Benz and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding (BAIC Group) has made China's high-end automobile manufacturing to become internationally competitive.


In five years, Beijing Benz has expanded its engine manufacturing, new assembly plant, welding workshop and setting up of second factory in Beijing E-Town to become Daimler's, outside Germany, the world's largest, and also Daimler's only Mercedes-Benz production base with front-wheel drive, rear wheel drive and power system platform.


It all began in Jun 2011 when the BAIC Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Daimler AG which both two sides invested EUR 2 billion to boost the development of Beijing Benz that laid the foundation of a new engine plant and the introduction of new models.


With less than two years of construction, which completed in May 2013, the factory kick start the entire process of the auto business with process equipment design, installation and workshop for new engines. It later ran on fully capacity on November 2013. This became an important milestone for the transformation from vehicle production to the production of core components and the mastery of core manufacturing technology.


By Jun 2014, Beijing Benz started to export cylinder block, cylinder head and crankshaft to Germany for the machine assembly in Daimler's engine factory in Germany. Since then, Beijing Benz has formally incorporated into Daimler's global sourcing supply chain system, and its product quality has fully met the Daimler's global highest standards.


With continuous expansion of Beijing Benz's production base, its auto output had realized over 20% growth for many years from about 100,000 units in 2012 to 335,000 units by 2016.


Today, Beijing E-Town is fast becoming the new energy automobile industry where it will soon introduce a development blueprint of new energy auto supported by BAIC New Energy Vehicle Innovation Center and The Internet of Vehicle Innovation Center. This new auto industry hybrid in Beijing E-Town is expected to recreate a RMB 100 billion output and provide a strong impetus for the area to become the demonstration area for Made in China 2025.

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