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Beijing E-Town tops in most livable, green and smart city

Jun 30, 2017 (China Knowledge) – There are only a handful of cities and towns in the world capable of combining the urban lifestyle with natural ecology, and offer residents a sense of harmonious living with first-class public system such as Singapore. Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park, is ranked and put on par with the garden city.


The triple-A rated industrial park has a gross industrial output of RMB 276 billion in 2016 or almost the size of Lithuania's GDP. Besides the favored destination for both large foreign and domestic companies this industrial park houses most of the Fortune 500 companies including names like Mercedes Benz, GE Medical, BOSE and many leading companies in pharmaceutical, robotic, ecommerce, green energy, electric vehicle and semiconductor, and a global powerhouse for R&D and patents.


The area consistently pursues a balance of urban lifestyle and professional personal development where housing and accommodation are constructed to meet high talent pools. There are various housing schemes to accommodate blue-collared workforce with non-trading price-capped. Centering on craftsman’s spirit and avant-garde urban planning, it has built a world-class and, at the same time, affordable housing for all the city dwellers. Such well-thought and professional planned housing also features community public facilities, beautiful landscaping, and secure and green living. Many large botanical gardens and parks are specially spaced utilized large proportion of green space ratio to constructed area.


The area also practices a green, low-carbon and recycling management for long period, and it has tried every effort to promote clean energy such as wind and solar power. To date 106 projects with a total investment of RMB 4.6 billion were spent and achieving 70% clean energy utilization. Beijing E-Town has consistently increased ecological improvement spending to boost landscaping and green construction achieving 30% regional forest coverage and 7 large greenbelt parks on a combined areas of 1,200 hectares.


Moreover, Beijing E-Town is also actively improving the area urban traffic system with construction of contraflow lanes, rebuilding and expanding the pedestrian's walkways. As part of the area's full WIFI coverage and as a smart city it has successfully connected free WIFI in all major public areas.


In future Beijing E-Town will widely adopt the new technology featuring low-carbon, energy-saving, environment-friendly, information-based, smart city management and ecosystem conservation. Not only the most livable green and smart city but achieving a new urban living that is sustainable and recyclable economy with least carbon emission.

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