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China Knowledge bond market daily summary

Oct 12, 2017 (China Knowledge) - On Oct 11, the settlement of cash bonds up 44.56% from its previous trading day to RMB 223.31 billion and the settlement of bond lending up 7.4% to RMB 5.73 billion, according to China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd.


The benchmark weighted-average overnight repo rate down 5.2 bps to 2.756%, and the 7-day repo down 49.1 bps to 3.122%. The overnight Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate (SHIBOR) up 0.30 bps to 2.7410%, and the 7-day SHIBOR down 1.43 bps to 2.9247%.


The yield on 1Y Treasury bonds down 1.26 bps to 3.48% while that on 3Y down 0.96 bps to 3.58%. The yield on 5Y and 10Y treasury bonds up 0.49 bps and 0.70 bps to 3.65% and 3.65%, respectively. The yield on 7Y down 0.35 bps to 3.70%.


On the policy bank bonds front, the yield on 1Y policy bank bonds (CDB) down 2.08 bps to 3.95%. The yield on 5Y up 0.46 bps to 4.27%, and the yield curve (10Y) up 0.22 bps to 4.23%.


In addition, the yields on 1Y policy bank bonds (Exim Bank) down 2.88 bps to 3.96%, while the yields on 5Y and 10Y reached 4.36% and 4.39%, respectively.


The yield on 1Y corporate bonds (AAA-rated) reached 4.55%, while that on the 10Y debenture was 4.86%.


Bond code 170215, 170210 and 170206 were the top three actively traded bonds, with a trading volume of RMB 29.69 billion, RMB 12.43 billion and RMB 10.48 billion, respectively.    


The top three performers by debt type were CDs, Policy Financial Bond and Treasury Bond with trading volume of RMB 165.96 billion, RMB 148.21 billion and RMB 54.65 billion, representing 37.86%, 33.81% and 12.46% of the total cash bond trading volume, respectively.


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