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China bond market daily headlines
10:07:37 AM

Oct. 24 2016 (China Knowledge) On 21 Oct, the settlement of cash bonds up 13.21% from its previous trading day to RMB 338.92 billion and the settlement of bond lending down 22.99% to RMB 5.16 billion, according to China Central Dep...Details
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 eTown Latest News
 Beijing E-Town names 2015 star performers
 Beijing E-Town to host major international shows on robotics
 Beijing E-Town expands regionally to include Tianjin and Hebei
 China's largest IP fund launched in Beijing E-Town
 Beijing E-Town inks partnership with cultural equity exchange to boost turnover
 Beijing E-Town brings world's leading fabless chipmaker ISSI to China
 Beijing E-Town's innovative financing reaps big rewards and recognitions
 Beijing E-Town's e-commerce sector to reap in RMB 200 bln
 Beijing E-Town to become permanent site for World Robot Conference
 Automakers contribute US$ 1bln to Beijing E-Town's industrial profits
 U.S-based Frontier Tech Consortium taps on Beijing E-Town's hi-tech startups
 Beijing E-Town to build global robotic innovation park
 Beijing E-Town to upgrade its IC industry supply chain
 Beijing E-Town to become China's largest internet hub
 Beijing E-Town to set up research on pheromonicin to boost its biomedical industry
 Beijing E-Town to launch Robotics Innovation Cup to boost the industry
 Beijing E-Town growing eminence as China's e-commerce hub
 First Intl Life Science Forum held in Beijing E-Town
 Beijing E-Town introduces RMB 1 bln technology innovation fund
 Beijing E-Town to provide platforms for IP processing, trading and incubation
 Beijing E-Town displays its hi-tech supports at the 18th Beijing hi-tech exhibition
 SMIC's new plant in Beijing E-Town awarded gold by LEED
 Varian to introduce most advanced medical imaging platform in Beijing E-Town
 Beijing E-Town's industrial profit up 69% in Q1 to RMB 5.7 bln
 Beijing E-Town's gross industrial output up 13.6% to RMB 70.92 bln in Q1
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