Rating China Industrial Parks 

Rating Definition

After all of the industrial parks were evaluated, the results were sorted. Industrial parks are given standard ratings, as follows:



This is CK Rating’s highest rating. Industrial parks with an AAA rating are the most established and have the best investment environment. These industrial parks are strongly recommended.



Industrial parks rated AA are highly attractive and are highly recommended. However, in comparison with industrial parks given the AAA rating, these industrial parks still lag behind in some areas. The most typical types of disadvantage are small economic size as reflected in the GDP or FDI, high investment costs and limited land resources.


Together with AAA-rated industrial parks, these industrial parks are considered first-tier industrial parks.



Industrial parks rated A have above-average investor appeal. Basic conditions are adequate, but improvements are still needed in some areas.



Industrial parks rated BBB are considered attractive at an average level. They have less-than-adequate investment conditions and may have some flaws. They may be promising industrial parks but there are uncertainties regarding future development.



Industrial parks rated BB are considered attractive at a below-average level. Industrial parks with this rating are typically either in the development stage or are lacking certain important elements.



Industrial parks rated B are viewed as poorly established. Much effort is necessary for the creation of an attractive investment environment in these parks.



Industrial parks rated C are viewed as least attractive. These industrial parks are not recommended for investment.

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