Rating China Industrial Parks 

Rating Mechanism

A value is assigned to every attribute in each category according to standardized criteria. This value is a figure between 0 and 10 (0 for least desirable and 10 for most desirable). Based on the value assigned and the weighting of the attribute, a figure (e.g., X) is reached. Adding up these figures for every attribute in the same category, a new figure is derived (e.g., Y). Based on the weighting of that particular category, a percentage of Y (e.g., Z) is derived. The final figure, Z, is calculated for all categories, and an overall score is derived. This overall score is then matched against a set of grades, AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B and C, which are the possible ratings given for industrial parks.


It is a straightforward matter to assign values for attributes such as GDP and fixed asset investment. The values for attributes such as accessibility and efficiency, which are more difficult to evaluate, rely on China Knowledge’s on-site studies and interactions with the relevant administrative bodies. Media reports are also used as reference points.

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