Rating China Industrial Parks 

Scope of Ratings

Industrial parks in China are of varying sizes and are at different levels and stages of development.


Some industrial parks are located within other industrial parks. For instance, Export Processing Zones (EPZs) are subsumed under ETDZs or HIDZs, in order that they may leverage the established facilities and resources of the enterprises in the ETDZ and HIDZ. Hence, some EPZs are not graded individually, but as a part of the larger ETDZ or HIDZ within which they are located.


Likewise, Software Development Parks (SDPs) and University Science Parks (USPs) are usually located within a High-tech Industrial Development Zone or High-tech Park (HIDZ). SDPs and USPs are thus also not given individual gradings. Rather, it is the respective HIDZs or HIDZs in which they are located that are rated, taking into consideration the contributions of these SDPs and USPs.


An even more unique case is that of Guangzhou Development District. It administers four state-level development zones: an ETDZ, an HIDZ, an FTZ and an EPZ. In this case, the district is graded as a whole, rather than as four different zones.


Border Economic Cooperation Zones are specifically designed for border trade and export-processing business. Because they are economically small and located in remote areas, they are excluded from our rating system.


Holiday Resorts are specifically designed for tourism. They are also excluded from our rating system.


The scope of the Rating System hence encompasses ETDZs, HIDZs, EPZs and FTZs.

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