Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Rating     BBB
    Year of Establishment     1992
    Land Area     268 km2
    Location     Yingkou, Liaoning
    GDP     RMB 54.5 billion, 9.17% down(2013), RMB 52.26 billion (2014)
    FDI     US$1.83 billion, 18.7% up
    Utilized FDI     US$420 million, 9.6% up(2012), US$350 million (2014)
    Major Investors     Ansteel, Mittal, Astron, Tata, Vesuvius, Gangfeng Logistics
    Major Industies Encouraged     Mineral processing, food processing, wood processing, leather processing, garment processing
Source:Administrative Committee of Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone

Located to the south of Yingkou, Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone (Yingkou ETDZ) was developed from the former Yingkou Export Processing Zone. Yingkou ETDZ was approved as a state-level development zone by the State Council in 1992.

Located in the middle of Liaodong Peninsula, Yingkou ETDZ is 190 km from Shenyang and 170 km from Dalian. One railway and two highways pass through Yingkou ETDZ. Yingkou Port is the second-largest port in Northeast China after Dalian Port in terms of cargo throughput in 2012. In 2012, Yingkou Port handled 301.07 million tons and 4.85 million TEUs.

Investment Climate
In 2012, Yingkou ETDZ realized GDP of RMB 60 billion, up 29% year on year and accounting for 43% of Yingkou’s total. The value-added industrial output from enterprises with designated size or above of the zone rose 29.5% to RMB 16.35 billion. In 2014, the GDP of Yingkou ETDZ decreased 4.11% year on year to RMB 52.26 billion. In 2012, the export value increased 18.7% to US$1.83 billion, while the utilized FDI rose 9.6% to US$420 million. In the first six month of 2013, the GDP hit RMB 28.94 billion, utilised FDI hit US$200 million, the import value reached US$350 million, and the export value reached US$ 980 million. In 2014, the export value hit US$1800 million.

Major industries in Yingkou ETDZ include metallurgy, fine chemicals, mineral processing, logistics and garments.

Ansteel is a major investor in metallurgy. One of China’s largest iron and steel producers, Angang produced 29.07 million tons of iron, 28.15 million tons of steel and 26.8 million tons of steel products in 2012. In addition to Angang, another major investor in Yingkou ETDZ is Mittal.

Astron is the main investor in the fine chemicals field. Astron is an Australia-based zirconium product manufacturer. Its branch in Yingkou ETDZ commenced operation in 2000.

In the mineral processing industry, Tata Group is the largest investor. In 2006, it launched a project in Yingkou ETDZ capable of producing 30,000 tons of refractory material per year. In addition to Tata, Vesuvius is also a major refractory supplier in Yingkou ETDZ.

The logistics industry is the key industry in Yingkou’s service sector in part due to the demand for services from one of the nation’s major non-freezing seaports, Yingkou Port. This port is utilized as the nearest port for delivering cargo from Mongolia to the Bohai Sea. Gangfeng Logistics Corp is the main investor in this sector.

Investment Cost
Winning Edge and Limitation
Winning Edge
  • Yingkou has an advantageous geographic location. It is located between Shenyang and Dalian and is the nearest sea access point for the Mongolian area.
  • Yingkou Port is one of the major bulk-cargo seaports of China.
  • There are rich mineral resources around Yingkou. Yingkou’s magnesite reserves rank first in the world.

  • Yingkou Port’s container throughput is much less than that of nearby ports such as Dalian Port and Tianjin Port.
  • Yingkou Port is within Bohai Bay; most of its throughput is for domestic transportation.

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