Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area

    Rating     A
    Year of Establishment     1993
    Land Area     72.72 km2
    Location     Hefei, Anhui
    GDP     RMB 66.09 billion, 14.17% down(2013),RMB 109.4 billion (2014)
    FDI     US$1.05 billion, 49.29% up (Jan-Sep 2011)
    Utilized FDI     US$3.68 million
    Major Investors     Coca-Cola, Hitachi Excavators and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fuchs Lubricants, Chia Tai Fodder, TCM(Anhui), Fork Lift, Jianghuai Auto, GT Tires, Haier
    Major Industies Encouraged     Household electronics, automobiles, equipment manufacturing, chemical engineering, food processing, micro-electronics, bio-medicine, residence industrialization.
Source: Administrative Commission of Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area

Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area (Hefei ETDA) was established in April 1993 and was approved as a state-level economic and technological development zone by the State Council in 2000. Hefei ETDA is located 9 km south-west of Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province in central China. It has an area of 72.72 sq km under its jurisdiction.

Hefei ETDA is connected to the national road network via more than ten main roads and trunk roads. The two main cities in eastern China, Nanjing and Shanghai, may be reached within two hours and five hours, respectively.

Investment Climate
In 2014, GDP of Hefei ETDA grew 65.53% year on year to RMB 109.4 billion, accounting for 21.21% of Hefei’s total. In 2012, gross industrial output amounted to RMB 229 billion, up 24.44% year on year and ranked 1st in Central China. In the first half of 2013, its GDP hits RMB 40.42 billion.

Hefei ETDA has separate industrial clusters for auto parts, household electronic appliances, equipment manufacturing, chemical engineering and food processing. In 2009, the auto parts cluster contributed 28.0% to the zone’s gross industrial output, while household electronic appliances enterprises accounted for 27.0% of the total. Equipment manufacturing accounted for 24.0% of the total, while chemical engineering and food processing industry contributed 14.0% and 7.5% to the total, respectively.

The main contributors to Hefei ETDA’s economic development are Haier, Jianghuai Auto and Hitachi. Haier has established a sub-park whose main products are household electronics. Hefei Haier has become the key driving force for the development of Hefei ETDA.

In the first nine month of 2011, the export value rose 49.29% to US$1.05 billion. In the first half of 2013, the export value hits US$905 million, while the import value hits US$685 million. In the first nine month of 2014, the import and export value rose 117.65% to US$5.11 billion, according for 33.4% of Hefei's total. In 2013, the park’s utilized FDI reached US$313 million.

Investment Cost
Winning Edge and Limitation
Winning Edge
  • Because Hefei has 42 universities, including the University of Science & Technology of China and two other key national universities, the zone has access to a highly-qualified workforce.
  • The zone is well-positioned to capture industries shifting away from coastal areas.
  • Investment costs are relatively low.

  • The local economy is not on par with economies in coastal regions.
  • The nearest port is Wuhu Port, 140 km away.
  • Construction of infrastructure has lagged.

Address: No. 398 Feicui Road, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area, Hefei, Anhui, P.R. China 230601
Tel: 86-551-3679056, 3679057
Fax: 86-551-3679050
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