Shanghai Fengcheng Industrial Park

    Rating     BB
    Year of Establishment     N.A
    Land Area     1.62 km2
    Location     Fengxian District, Shanghai
    GDP     N.A
    FDI     N.A
    Utilized FDI     N.A
    Major Investors     Fuji, China United Rubber Corp, Shanghai Desheng Mico Elevator, Shanghai Jinwu Industries, Shanghai Jieshen Industrial
    Major Industies Encouraged     Machinery, electronics, metal products
Source: Shanghai Investment

Shanghai Fengcheng Industrial Park (Shanghai Fengcheng IP), formerly known as Shanghai Fengcheng Economic Zone, is situated in Fengxian District in the southwestern part of Shanghai. The park won approval from the Shanghai municipal government to be a municipal-level development zone in 2006, and has an area of 1.62 sq km.

Shanghai Fengcheng IP enjoys access to a convenient transportation system. It is close to Shanghai Port, which was the largest port in China in terms of container throughput in 2013. The park is bordered by the Hangzhou Bay to the south, the municipal-level Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park to the west and the Huangpu River to the north. The two airports in Shanghai, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, are located 40 km and 25 km away, respectively. The advanced railway and highway network in Shanghai connects the city with other major cities throughout China.

Investment Climate
Shanghai Fengcheng IP is divided into two sections: the southern section and the northern section. The southern section is a comprehensive industrial park focusing on the development of the machinery, electronics and metal products manufacturing industries, while the southern section focuses on logistics equipment.

In 2013, the gross industrial output value of the zone was RMB 3.83 billion, up 10.5% year on year. Major investors in the zone include Fuji, China United Rubber Corp, Shanghai Desheng Mico Elevator, Shanghai Jinwu Industries and Shanghai Jieshen Industrial.

Investment Cost
Winning Edge and Limitation
Winning Edge
  • The zone’s economy is boosted by Shanghai, the largest economy in China
  • The zone enjoys an advantageous geographic location and access to a convenient transportation system
  • Shanghai is an educational hub in China. The zone can draw from a large pool of human resources

  • The zone has a small economy in comparison with other state-level development zones in Shanghai
  • Labor, land and operating costs are high
  • The zone faces competition from other development zones in Shanghai

Address: No. 888 Nanfeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, P.R. China 201411
Tel: 86-21-57520000
Fax: 86-21-57510555
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