Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone

    Rating     BBB
    Year of Establishment     1995
    Land Area     104.53 km2
    Location     Qingpu District, Shanghai
    GDP     RMB 91.84 billion
    FDI     N.A
    Utilized FDI     N.A
    Major Investors     Siemens, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo Metal, Heidelberg, NEC Photoelectron, TYCO, ITW, BASF, Air Liquide, Oji Paper
    Major Industies Encouraged     Precision machinery, electric information, printing
Source: Administrative Committee of Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone

Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone (Shanghai Qingpu IZ), formerly known as Shanghai Pilot Industrial Park, was set up in 1995. It was approved as a municipal-level development zone by the Shanghai municipal government in 2003. It covers an area of 104.53 sq km. Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai Qingpu Export Processing Zone, the China International Textile Technology & Industry Center, and Zhangjiang Qingpu Industrial Park are located within the zone.

Shanghai Qingpu IZ is situated in Qingpu District in the western part of Shanghai, 40 km from the People's Square. The zone has a favorable geographic location adjacent to State Highway 318. It takes less than 30 minutes to drive from the zone to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Shanghai Port, the world's second largest port, is 55 km from the zone.

Investment Climate
The major industries in the Shanghai Qingpu IZ are precision machinery, electronic information and printing. The zone also encourages investment in modern textiles, new materials and biopharmaceuticals.

In 2013, the gross industrial output from the zone reached RMB 85.75 billion, reflecting a year on year decrease of 5.5%. It introduced 17 foreign invested projects in 2013 and the contracted FDI exceeded US$156 million.

Major investors include Siemens, Heidelberg and BASF from Germany and Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Sumitomo Metal from Japan, as well as investors from Italy, Taiwan and South Korea.

Delixi Group, a leading electric power transmission and distribution equipment maker in China, invested RMB 1.5 billion in a production line in the zone.

Investment Cost
Winning Edge and Limitation
Winning Edge
  • The zone enjoys an advanced transportation system and rich talent resources.
  • The zone has a good industrial base.
  • The zone has attracted investment from large multinational companies.

  • Labor, land and operating costs are high.
  • The zone faces competition from other development zones in Shanghai.

Address: No. 2500 Caoying Road, Qingpu, Shanghai, P. R. China 201700
Tel: +86-21-69228002, 69228000, 69228001
Fax: +86-21-69228003, 69228016
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