Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone

    Rating     AA
    Year of Establishment     1991
    Land Area     42.11 km2
    Location     Pudong Distict, Shanghai
    GDP     RMB 62.77 billion, 13.0% up
    FDI     US$14.96 billion
    Utilized FDI     NA
    Major Investors     GE, SIMC, AMD, IBM, Cadence, Grace, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Rhodia, Free Scale, MPI, Huang Hong NEC, Novartis, Eli Lilly and Company, Shanghai Morgan-Tan International Life Science Center Co. Ltd, Hutchison Whampoa, Merrill Lynch, Sequoia Capital, IDG, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, UBS
    Major Industies Encouraged     Information technology, biopharmaceuticals, optical-mechanical-electric integration
Source:Administrative Committee of Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Shanghai Zhangjiang HIDZ) was set up in 1991 upon receiving approval from the State Council. Located in Pudong New Area, the park is 13 km from downtown Shanghai and 9 km from the Shanghai Bund CBD. It is only a 30-minute drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Waigaoqiao Port is conveniently located 25 km from the zone.

The Waigaoqiao Container Port of the Shanghai Port is located 30 km away. Shanghai Port was China’s largest container port in terms of container throughput in 2012. The foreign trade container throughput at Waigaoqiao Port exceeded 15.36 million TEUs in 2012, accounting for about one half of Shanghai Port’s total. In addition, Shanghai Railway Station, which has over 100 cargo lines, is just 17 km from Shanghai Zhangjiang HIDZ.

Investment Climate
Shanghai Zhangjiang HIDZ was developed later than other development zones in Shanghai, such as Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone and Shanghai Caohejing High-tech Industrial Development Zone. However, the zone has been developing at an extraordinary pace. In 2012, the gross industrial output from the Zhangjiang HIDZ reached RMB 62.77 billion, reflecting a year on year increase of 13.0%, including RMB 36.41 billion from its strategic emerging industries.

Information technology, biopharmaceuticals and optical-mechanical-electronic integration are the main industries in the park. To focus on the development of these industries, there are eight special parks: the Integrated Circuit Industry Base, the Bank Card Industry Base, the Biomedicine Industry Base, the Software Industry Base, the Creative Industry Base, the China Eastern Information Security Industry Park, the Photovoltaics Industry Base and the Modern Medical Machinery Park.

There are over 150 IC design and production firms in Zhangjiang HIDZ. Top semiconductor manufacturers such as AMD, Free Scale and IBM have established businesses in the zone. Semiconductor International Manufacturing Corp (SMIC), Hongli Semiconductor and Hua Hong NEC are the three major IC producers in the zone. The total production capacity of the three companies accounts for 50% of China’s total.

Shanghai Zhangjiang HIDZ is famous for its biopharmaceutical firms. The top global medicine manufacturers including GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and Rhodia have opened R&D centers in the park. Novartis from Switzerland started the construction of the US$100- million Novartis (China) Institute for Biomedical Research to develop new technology and carry out medical research in China.

In 2012, Zhangjiang HIDZ attracted 104 foreign invested projects with a total contracted FDI of US$ 1 billion. Several major investors, including Sequoia Capital, IDG, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and UBS, as well as other domestic private investors, such as the Commerce Chamber of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Pioneering Investment, have invested in the zone. U.S.-based Draper Fisher Jurvetson even established its mainland headquarters there. By the end of 2012, Zhangjiang HIDZ’s utilized FDI totaled US$5.31 billion. In 2013, the contracted FDI reached US$14.96 billion, the foreign trade reached US$10.85 billion, the gross industrial output hit 62.77 billion.

Investment Cost
Winning Edge and Limitation
Winning Edge
  • The park has strength in research and development. A large number of foreign companies and domestic universities and colleges have set up R&D centers in the zone.
  • The park is home to many IC giants and medical giants.
  • Firms in the park enjoy various sources of financing. Famous VC firms and large financial institutes have established units in the zone.

  • It faces competition from Jinqiao Export Processing Zone and Caohejing High-tech Park, which were established earlier and have a higher industrial output value.
  • Investors in the park have higher operating costs compared to investors in other development zones in the central and western regions of China.

Address: 69 Zhangjiang Road. Pudong New Area, Shanghai, P.R. China 201203
Tel: 86-21-50801818, 50800883, 50800003
Fax: 86-21-50800686
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