Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone

    Rating     AA
    Year of Establishment     1990
    Land Area     11.03 km2
    Location     Pudong New Area, Shanghai
    GDP     RMB 72.07 billion (2011)
    FDI     US$11.17 billion (2013)
    Utilized FDI     US$101.85 million, 10.4% up (2012)
    Major Investors     Intel, HP, GE, Toshiba, IBM, Philips, Lenovo, Itochu, View Sonic, Swatch Group
    Major Industies Encouraged     Free trade, export processing, logistics, bonded products exhibition, trade
Source: Shanghai Pudong Statistics Bureau

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone (Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ), China's first free trade zone, received approval from the State Council to set up in 1990. It covers an area of 11.03 sq km. Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ is situated near the mouth of the Yangtze River where the aptly named "golden waterway" meets the coast.

Located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ is only 20 km from Shanghai’s downtown area. It is 40 km from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the largest airport in mainland China in terms of cargo throughput in 2012, and 35 km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It lies close to Waigaoqiao Port, one of the main ports under Shanghai Port.

In 2012, the container throughput of Waigaoqiao Port reached 15.36 million TEUs, accounting for more than one-half of Shanghai Port’s total. Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ is a 30-minute drive from the Shanghai Railway Station, which has over 100 cargo lines and connects Shanghai with most major cities in China.

Investment Climate
Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ is one of China’s most-developed free trade zones. In 2011, the gross industrial ouput value of Waigaoqiao FTZ grew 4.56% to RMB 72.07 billion, making up 2.3% of Shanghai’s total. In 2012, the total foreign trade value of this zone hit US$101.85 billion, accounting for 12.7% of Shanghai’s total in 2012.

Waigaoqiao FTZ is the first free trade zone in China to experiment with the concept of a free trade port. The free trade zone introduced the first foreign-funded enterprise, Shanghai Itochu, in 1992. By the end of 2008, over 6,000 foreign trade firms had gathered in the zone, 71% of which were foreign-invested firms. In 2012, 131 new foreign-funded projects had been launched in the zone.

The zone has been turned into an operations center for large firms. Panasonic, HP, Swatch Group, ViewSonic and 60 other multinational firms have set up operating centers within the zone.

Lenovo launched a next-generation factory in the zone. The factory has become the Chinese PC giant’s operating center within the north Asian region, meeting demand in Japan, South Korea and neighboring countries. The factory is capable of producing 6 million PCs a year. In 2011, the gross output value of Waigaoqiao FTZ realized RMB 72.07 billion. In 2013, the gross industrial output reached RMB 72.78 billion, the foreign trade hit US$101.85 billion, the contracted FDI hit US$11.17 billion.

Investment Cost
Winning Edge and Limitation
Winning Edge
  • Waigaoqiao FTZ is one of the most developed free trade zones and enjoys a good industrial base.
  • The zone is in a convenient geographic location near Waigaoqiao Harbor.
  • It can draw from the large talent pool in Shanghai.

  • Operating costs are relatively high.
  • The zone has little available land.

Address: No. 9, Jilong Road, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, P.R. China 200131
Tel:+86-21-58698500 ,+86-21-50675881,+86-21-50675882
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