Shanghai Songjiang Export Processing Zone

    Rating     AA
    Year of Establishment     Area A: 2000
Area B: 2003
    Land Area     5.96 km2
    Location     Songjiang District, Shanghai
    GDP     RMB 268.5 billion
    FDI     US$487 million
    Utilized FDI     US$41.45 billion, 17.1% down
    Major Investors     Goodman International Group, Foxconn, Quanta, Sino-Microelectronics
    Major Industies Encouraged     New materials, electronic information, fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, light machinery, food
Source: Shanghai Economics and Information Committee

Shanghai Songjiang Export Processing Zone (Shanghai Songjiang EPZ) was one of China's first 15 state-level export processing zones. It was approved by the State Council in 2000. The zone is the second export processing zone in Shanghai. It is made up of Area A and Area B. Area A was set up in 2000 and commenced operations within the same year. Area B was constructed in 2003 with the State Council's approval and commenced operations in 2004.

Shanghai Songjiang EPZ is located in Songjiang District, which is southwest of Shanghai and 35 km from the city center. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport are 20 km and 42 km from the zone, respectively. The zone is 47 km from Wusong Port, one of the three major ports of Shanghai Port, the other two being Waigaoqiao Port and Yangshan Deep-water Port. In addition, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway and the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway pass through the zone.

Songjiang University Town, located near Area B of the zone, is home to Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade and Shanghai Institute of Visual Art of Fudan University, among others.

Investment Climate
In 2011, the gross industrial output from Shanghai Songjiang EPZ reached RMB 268.5 billion, accounting for 63.5% of Songjiang’s total gross industrial output. In 2012, its export value totaled nearly US$30.39 billion, down 18.6% year on year.

The main industries in the zone are new materials, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, light machinery, food processing, electronic information, logistics and warehousing. In 2011, Shanghai Songjiang EPZ realized US$487 million in contracted FDI and the zone has attracted investment from large companies including Goodman International Group, Foxconn, Quanta and Sino-Microelectronics.

In 2012, the gross industrial output from Songjiang EPZ’s electronic Information industry dropped 8.5% year on year to RMB 222.24 billion. While its industrial profit for 2012 hit RMB 720 million, down 65.1% year on year.

Shanghai Songjiang EPZ is an important Information Technology base in Shanghai. Taiwanbased Quanta, the largest laptop ODM firm in the world, has invested more than US$170 million in Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing Town. It has established eight subsidiaries and three affiliated firms in the zone. The combined annual production capacity of these units is more than 13 million laptops.

Investment Cost
Winning Edge and Limitation
Winning Edge
  • The zone has witnessed strong economic growth.
  • It enjoys convenient access to transportation and can draw from a large talent pool.

  • The zone faces competition from the other five export processing zones in Shanghai.
  • Operating costs are higher than in zones in the central and western regions.

Address: No. 81, East Rongle Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R. China 201603
Tel: +86-21-57605346
Fax: +86-21-57600572
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