Compared to developed countries, China’s eight year-old fund industry, although still small in size, is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. By the end of August 2006, China had 57 fund management companies (FMC) in operation. Among them, 23 were joint ventures. In total, the 57 FMCs issued of 268 funds in China with the NAV of US$65 billion. From 1998 to August 2006, the total NAV of China’s funds have increased by 49 times. With such huge potential, it is no surprise that foreign institutions have their sights set on China’s market. China Fund Management, provide you a bi-weekly research report to catch the latest moves over the industry.
China Fund Databank covers three parts:

China Concept Funds
China Concept Funds, which provide information of funds established outside the Mainland market, with primary investments in Chinese companies that are listed in China and Hong Kong, as well as non-Chinese companies with substantial business activities in China.

China Fund Management Company
China Fund Management Company, which tracks the daily performance of all fund houses and provides a complete list of the funds valuation changes, with information on the number of funds they manage, total units of funds, AUM, and more. 

China Open-end Funds
China Open-end Fund, which provide daily tracking of net asset value, fund growth rate and general information on all type of open-end mutual funds, including equity funds, money market funds, bond funds and index funds statistics in China.

China Close-end Funds
China Closed-end Funds, unlike open-end funds, closed-end funds can only be redeemed and allowed to issue shares on a one-time basis. This section shows the daily net asset value and returns, and other detailed information on all China’s closed-end funds.

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