Are you looking for comprehensive data on China's economy? China Databank presents macroeconomic data and sector-specific statistics. Our visualization service features more than 3 million data records relating to China’s main economic indicators, consumer market trends, domestic and international trade, finance, transportation and industrial sectors. Offering comprehensive statistical data dating back to 1986, our databank will give you deeper insight into what really makes China’s economy tick. We update the data regularly, ensuring that you have the latest statistics from China.

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China Databank offers approximately 1.8 million monthly data records on the overall economy, industry, fixed asset investment, real estate, prices, banking, securities, and other areas.   China Databank offers nearly 110,000 yearly data records on the overall economy, domestic trade, foreign trade and investment, education, technology, transportation, postal services and telecommunications, public health, and other areas.   China Databank offers comprehensive data on the different sectors of China's economy. Our data covers pharmaceuticals, chemical fibers, textiles, plastics, furniture, water production and supply, tobacco, and many other industries.
See national, provincial data by month.   See national , provincial data by year.   See sector data.

Uses for China Databank   Features and Tools

  • Analyze the development of China's economy.
  • Monitor structural changes in China's economy, economic policies and regulations.
  • Identify investment opportunities in China's market.
  • Keep track of China's consumer market trends.
  • Download data for analysis and research.
  • You can use our online graph tool to display national and provincial economic data in bar and line graphs.
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