Passage Through China Book Launch (29 0ct, 2007)

China Knowledge (CK), on behalf of Lee Khoon Choy, former Senior Minister of State and Ambassador, has successfully organized the official launch of his latest book, “Passage Through China”.

The launch took place in a perfectly splendid evening on October 29, 2007 at Level 16, The POD at the National Library Board, coupled with panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline.

Graced by the presence of President S R Nathan, Her Excellency Chinese Ambassador Zhang Xiaokang and the Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi, the event attracted around 200 guests, including 17 Foreign Ambassadors and press representatives from Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, MPH and China Xinhua News Agency.

The event began with a welcome message from Charles Chaw, China Knowledge’s managing director. It was followed by a fascinating speech from Lee Khoon Choy, who shared his life stories with the audiences, including his experience as a diplomat, journalist, painter and businessman.

In a distinctive ceremony, Mr Lee presented President Nathan his book through a prancing lion, accompanied by warm applauses.

During the event, Mr Lee’s selected paintings were displayed, backed by live musical demonstrations. An exclusive preview of his artbook, Impressions of the World with My Brush scheduled for publishing by CK early next year, was also featured.

About Passage Through China

Borrowing a phase from Chinese leader Mao Ze Dong's poem Snow, Mr Lee feels that China's imitable allure lies in its breathtaking vastness blessed with natural landscapes and formations. This book captures his explorations, the nuances of his personal journeys and how the untouched beauty of China has captured his imagination and inspired his works. Mr Lee's innate curiosity and enthusiasm to understand the diverse cultures and roots of Greater China have brought him on more than 70 trips to each of the country's 22 provinces since 1975.

With privileged access to restricted grounds such as the Silk Road, Mr Lee has fully utilized his capacity as an official with well-honed journalistic instincts by recording his experiences and putting them together in this remarkably exhaustive yet easy to read compendium. From his first taste of gongfu cha in Swatow, Guangdong to climbing the highest point of Gulangyu with Minister Mentor Lee, Mr Lee was present to witness almost every stage of China's evolution from its highly conservative origins to the economic powerhouse it has become.

In view of the thousands who will convene at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the world's spotlight will be on China and Mr Lee is confident that Passage Through China will be a trusty insider guide on the cultural norms unique to each region.
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