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Nanchong (Sichuan) City Information

Major Economic Indicators (2013)
    Land Area (km2)     12,479 (Ranking)
   Population(million)     6.32 (Ranking)
    GDP (RMB billion)     132.86 (Ranking)
    GDP Composition
          Primary Industry (Agriculture)     22.4%
          Secondary Industry
(Industry & Construction)
          Tertiary Industry (Service)     25.8%
    GDP Per Capita (RMB)     21,059 (Ranking)
    Unemployment Rate     4.3%
    Fixed Asset Investment (RMB billion)     110.28 (Ranking)
    Actually Utilized FDI (USD million)     58.95 (Ranking)
    Total Import & Export (USD million)     672 (Ranking)
          Export (USD million)     654 (Ranking)
          Import (USD million)     18 (Ranking)
    Sales of Social Consumer Goods (RMB billion)     52.34 (Ranking)
Source: Nanchong Economic and Social Development Report 2013

Nanchong is located in the northeast part of Sichuan Province, at the middle reach of Jialing River. The city covers an area of 12,479 sq km and has a population of 6.3 million.

Nanchong has a subtropical, humid monsoon climate with plenty of rainfall and four distinct seasons. The average temperature is 17.5°C, while the average annual precipitation is 820-1,100 mm.

Nanchong is rich in natural resources. Nanchong has 77.8 million tons of proven reserves of oil, 9 billion steres of natural gas, and 1.8 trillion tons of rock salt. Nanchong’s produces 2 million kw of hydro-energy annually. In addition, the city is also an important sericulture production base in China.

Transportation in Nanchong is very convenient. State Highway 212 and State Highway 318 intersect in the city. The Chengdu-Nanchong Expressway, the Nanchong-Guang’an Expressway and the Nanchong-Chongqing Expressway connect the city with surrounding cities. The Nanchong Gaoping Airport operates flights to major cities such as Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Economic Features

Nanchong realized GDP of RMB 132.86 billion in 2013, representing a rise of 11% year on year. The city's GDP accounted for approximately 5.1% of Sichuan’s total and ranked fifth in the province. The agricultural sector generated value added output of RMB 29.72 billion in 2013, accounting for 22.4% of the city's GDP. Major agriculture products include rapeseed, pork, mulberry silk and peanuts.

In 2013, the value added output of secondary industry (industry and construction) amounted to RMB 68.87 billion, accounting for 51.8% of the city's total. The value added industrial output generated by the industrial enterprises reached RMB 55.09 billion, up 11.7% year on year. 

Petrochemicals, machinery and related spare parts, textiles, agricultural products processing, construction materials and energy are the major industries in Mianyang.

There is a famous listed company based in Nanchong, namely Sichuan Jinyu Automobile City<000803>. In 2013, the company gained operating revenue of RMB 177.03 million.  

In 2013, the service sector generated value added output of RMB 34.27 billion, contributing 25.8% to the city's GDP. Foreign trade and tourism are major contributors to Nanchong's service sector.

The city’s total foreign trade value amounted to US$672 million in 2013, representing a rise of 60.9% year on year. Textiles, garments and silk products are the major export goods of Nanchong. The U.S., the E.U. and Hong Kong are the major export destinations of Nanchong.

In 2013, Nanchong realized tourism income of RMB 21.02 billion, representing a rise of 35.3% year on year. 

Cultural Highlights
Nanchong is one of China’s National Historical and Cultural Cities. More than two thousand years of sericulture has formed a unique silk culture in this area. In addition, Chuanbei puppetry, shadow drama and paper cutting add to the cultural charm of the city.

Nanchong also boasts a revolutionary history. Daba Mountain area was once the political center of Sichuan-Shaanxi revolutionary base. There are many revolutionary relics here. Zhu De, Commander-in-Chief of the Red Army, was born in Nanchong in 1886.
Tourist Attraction
Nanchong is rich in historical and cultural relics as well as beautiful natural scenery. Tourists should visit the ancient city of Langzhong, White Pagoda Temple, Qinping Mountain, Tongjiang Nuoshui River Scenery Area, Daba Mountain, and Nanjiang Guangwu Mountain.

When it comes to special local snacks of Nanchong, Shunqing Mutton Rice Noodles, Chuanbei Liangfen, a kind of bean jelly, Zhang Fei Beef, and Songhua preserved egg can be very good choices for tourists.


"National Top Tourism City" (2004)
- State Council of P.R. China

"National Historical and Cultural City" (1985)
- State Council of P.R. China


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